The Big Issue #277 now OUT!


The Big Issue #277 (20 July to 19 August 2019) is available from your favourite vendor across the city.

August is Women’s Month and The Big Issue couldn’t pass this opportunity to celebrate the remarkable journeys of several South African women. Every woman featured in this issue has a captivating story to tell. Two of the women in this issue shared a special bond with late President Nelson Mandela whose legacy is celebrated every year on 18 July.

Fashion designer Desré Buirski (see page 6) is proof that women can make their mark in just about any environment if given the space to dream and opportunities to flourish.

Women like trailblazer Maggie Oewies-Shongwe (see page 8) demonstrated great courage in the face of injustice and oppression during one of the darkest periods in our country’s history.

Humanitarian and activist Amy Thornton (see page 16) is truly inspirational. She and many others made sacrifices in service to our country, paving the way for young women to benefit from equal job opportunities today.

A big shout out to Saray Khumalo, who after three failed attempts to summit Mount Everest, finally succeeded to do so earlier this year (see page 26). In doing so, she became the first black African woman to conquer Mount Everest. Her tenacity confirms that we do not have to be defined by our failures.

Get your copy and be part of job creation in South Africa. It's more than just a good deed; it's a damn good read.

WHERE: The Big Issue #277 is on sale from vendors in Cape Town from 20 July to 19 August 2019. Anyone outside Cape Town can buy the magazine here.  Don't forget: You can buy The Big Issue with your smartphone! Visit for a step-by-step guide.
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