Rhinos Spotted at V&A Waterfront


Rhinos at the Waterfront? Cape Town’s famous V&A Waterfront are wowing the crowds with a crash (herd) of spectacular, brilliantly creative, life size sculptures of Rhinos exhibited all around the complex.

This is art of a different kind to help bring the world’s attention to the plight of Southern Africa’s much loved but endangered real rhinos.

The Rhinos are exhibited by non-profit company The Rhinos Are Coming!!! (TRAC!!!). They are lovingly painted by artists from South Africa’s prolific creative communities. Artists enjoy painting on such an unusual canvas. They benefit by having their work exhibited and appreciated by many thousands of visitors, as opposed to being confined to art galleries or walls (in the case of muralists) in often obscure locations. It also gives artists an opportunity to support a cause they believe in.

Artists range from emerging up-and-comings to internationally famous and everything in between. TRAC’s only ask of the artists is that their finished Rhinos should stop people in their tracks. And they do.

Rhino Shooting at Waterfront - Selfie Hotspot of South Africa

The V&A is partnering with The Rhinos Are Coming!!! after observing how the Rhinos, tested at first for a limited period, fast became a new form of entertainment on the Waterfront as thousands descended upon them taking photos of themselves and with their children who love and adore them (and climb on them). The V&A Waterfront has become the Selfie Hotspot of South Africa.

TRAC!!! offers companies and individuals an opportunity to sponsor a Rhino to expand the crash.

Prestigious plaques are attached to the plinths featuring the sponsor’s name and brand, the artists name, and the story about how Southern Africa’s rhinos are being driven to extinction by poachers who kill them for their horns. Three per day are currently being cruelly butchered.

On receipt of the sponsorship funds a portion is distributed to NGO’s dedicated to fighting rhino poaching.

When enough Rhinos have been sponsored and exhibited a Gala Auction will be held at an exciting location, collectors and corporate leaders will be invited to participate, and the funds raised will go towards the cause of saving our rhinos.

TRAC welcomes sponsors from companies and individuals from both inside and outside the borders of South Africa. Several Rhinos are already sponsored by foreign organizations. An added attraction is the low exchange rate. Sponsoring a Rhino in hard currency enables European and USA sponsors to own a stunning piece of art at a bargain price.

WHERE: V&A Waterfront, Cape Town 8001

INFO: TRAC!!! founder Janice Ashby This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  I   Visit  I  T +27 72 473 5596
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