Cape Town Nature Reserves

Cape Town is unique among world cities due to its high concentration of flora and fauna species found only within its boundaries (and nowhere else in the world). Protection and conservation of these natural areas contributes towards conserving this biodiversity heritage for our and future generations' enjoyment.

Download the City Of Cape Town Nature Reserve Booklet here

A series of nine colourful, educational pamphlets on Cape Town's unique ecosystems and species. The fact sheets present the biophysical environment, threats, conservation status, benefits and actions you can take to help conserve our unique biodiversity in Cape Town.

          Fact sheet 1 - Peninsula Shale Renosterveld [PDF 368 KB]
          Fact sheet 2 - Peninsula Granite Fynbos [PDF 353 KB]
          Fact sheet 3 - Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos [PDF 319 KB]
          Fact sheet 4 - Lourensford Alluvium Fynbos [PDF 364 KB]
          Fact sheet 5 - Cape Flats Dune Strandveld [PDF 643 KB]
          Fact sheet 6 - Cape Flats Sand Fynbos [PDF 357 KB]
          Fact sheet 7 - Endemic species [PDF 328 KB]
          Fact sheet 8 - Threatened species [PDF 228 KB]
          Fact sheet 9 - How you can help [PDF 137 KB]

The fact sheets require the use of some technical terms that are explained in the glossary below, along with an extensive list of Latin names for the species of plants and animals.

          Supplementary documents:         

Glossary [PDF 150 KB]
          Important taxa of the six endemic vegetation types [PDF 130 KB]
          List of endemic species [PDF 134 KB]
          List of threatened species [PDF 139 KB]