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Green cycle lane for Bree Street – a SA first!

The section of the existing cycle lane in Bree Street between Strand Street and Waterkant was colourised green on 15 December 2012 as a test phase.

The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater, Councillor Brett Herron, said: “The City is committed to the promotion of safe cycling and the use of non-motorised transport. This includes providing a safe area for cyclists to be able to share the road with motorists.

A City to Serve

As a developing city in an African context, Cape Town faces many complex and multi-faceted challenges.

Capetonians must work with the City to create lasting solutions for residents and the natural environment alike, says mayoral committee member BELINDA WALKER

Our unique history, culture, people and natural setting can be seen as obstacles to improving the lives of Capetonians. Or, they can be seen as catalysts to foster creative approaches and innovative solutions.

City receives an Eskom eta Award

The City’s energy-saving public lighting programme receives an Eskom eta Award in the Residential category.  

The Eskom eta Award is given to a specific project that has made a significant contribution to the South African energy environment. The City of Cape Town was described as demonstrating leadership, innovation and visionary qualities through its Energy Efficiency Demand Side Management lighting programme, to ensure the responsible use of energy within its own operations.

World's first biodiversity and wine ecoroute

Brent Meersman discovers the perfect way to remove the aches and pains of walking a 60km route - the Green Mountain Trail.

Many more of us would make good trekkers if we didn’t have to carry a pack or sleep in a tent. After 12km of foot-slogging, as ankles swell and blisters form, many a hiker starts to fantasise: poached pears in red wine sauce, a perfect sirloin, a good soak in a hot bath and flopping into a large feather bed with free wifi.

Change Agent

Change Agent is the official mouthpiece of the annual Sustain Our Africa summit - the first took place in Cape Town in November 2012.

Sustain our Africa (SoA) is a collaborative sustainability communications platform that acts as a catalyst for change. By cultivating awareness, showcasing inspirational stories and hosting practical tools for change, SoA aims to build an abundant, resilient Africa that can deliver Enough. For All. Forever.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012

In what has become an annual event on the calendars of both nature lovers and photographers, the most prestigious wildlife photography exhibition in the world is once again in Cape Town this year.

Licensed in the country by NHU Africa, in partnership with the Iziko Museums of South Africa (Iziko), the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 exhibition will feature 100 of the world’s most amazing wildlife photographs taken by 77 top photographers.

Gifted Giving - a Monkeybiz story

Kristina Laukkanen

“About 10 years ago, Ms Jeanne Grierson and her daughter Ms Sacha Grierson (two ex South African’s) came into Monkeybiz to meet with me to explain what work they did” explains Joan Krupp, Customer Relations Manager of Monkeybiz.

“They have a fantastic cake, cup-cake and biscuit business in Toronto – Eat My Words, which supplies these superb creations to various companies and private individuals, for special events.  These beautiful ‘goodies’ are placed in marvelous boxes to be delivered to their customers. 

Reconciliation Day concerts - De Waal and Maynardville Parks

“Both concerts promise to be diverse, exciting and entertaining – featuring big names in the entertainment industry," explains Councillor Pascoe.

“Among others, Jimmy Dludlu and Saudiq Khan will perform at the De Waal Park concert, while the Black Ties featuring Chad Saaiman, and Cape Town divas Karin Kortje and Claire Phillips will perform at the Maynardville event.

The Hungry Season – Feeding Southern African Cities

The Hungry Season – Feeding Southern African Cities by Leonie Joubert with photographs by Eric Miller looks at the complex issue of food security. 

The story is told through an in depth investigation at national and regional level, and then takes us into real-life scenarios at community, household and individual level.  The broader perspective is about production and agricultural output.  When we zoom in, we are looking at whether or not people can access food and how they use it once they have it.

It’s official: Table Mt is a New 7 Wonder of Nature

On Sunday, Table Mountain was officially inaugurated as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature at a ceremony held at the foot of the mountain.


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