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The Climate Smart Cape Town Campaign Celebration

The Cape Town Green Map was part of the exciting Climate Smart Cape Town Campaign that created an effective awareness and presence at COP17 in Durban late last year.

The Reality of the Commute

Mayor of Cape Town, Alderman Patricia de Lille stayed with a family in Atlantis  last year to experience what the reality of the commute meant. The following extract is from a speech delivered by her at the Rail Summit on 24 February.

Abawon: Stains - Infecting the City

Through a series of provocative interventions, Abawon: Stains invites us to explore how we react to waste, gender equality, the mentally impaired, people living with HIV/AIDS, and disability.

Bags of Opportunity

‘Bags of Opportunity’ is an empowerment project in Cape Town which produces giftbags through recycling newspapers and, in the process, creates work for the unemployed.  Cynthia Querido explains how it all began.

The City has a Green Heart

Brent Meersman reminds us that the real attraction of the Gardens remains the plants. The gardens are laudably well-tended, clean and thriving.

Quaggas – Back from the Dead

The once-extinct quagga is alive and well and galloping around in the Cape. Tiara Walters reports about the Quagga Project that was launched in 1986.

Implemented Environments

With ‘green issues’ in mind, Brundyn + Gonsalves Gallery presents an exhibition titled Implemented Environments. The exhibition incorporates a diverse array of responses to the theme although consistent throughout is a frank honesty in the artists’ reflections.

All Aboard

Two brothers have nailed their green colours firmly to the mast with a nautical recycling venture. Tiara Walters talks to them about Resails and offers a ‘Giveaway’

Contributing to research and conservation?

© Ian Michler

There’s a decided feel-good factor to cuddling a lion cub or riding an elephant; it’s something that, given half a chance, many of us would do without thinking twice. But would we be contributing to research and conservation, as wildlife-encounter operations claim?

Peasant Households: Neglected Engines of Global Growth

This is the story of Southern Africa’s peasant households who, from time in memoriam, conserved and produced Africa’s hidden treasure - the indigenous marula tree – for the world’s benefit.

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