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Sustainable Seasfood Is SASSI

From 2013, many linefish species on the WWF-SASSI Red List will need up to 8 years to reach reproductive maturity.

That's a sobering thought considering that some fish on the Red List are very near extinction.

Choosing Red-Listed fish will not give those fish stocks sufficient time to replenish. So choose only Green-Listed seafood

Get Listed Free On The Cape Town Green Map

Cape Town Green Map was conceived as a city-wide initiative with multiple impacts, promoting ‘green’ as an informed lifestyle choice. Be part of the project and submit your listing free to the online map.

Cape Town has a unique location in terms of World Heritage sites and is a ‘Biodiversity Hotspot’ within the Cape Floristic Region, and is globally recognised for its rich, diverse and unique flora and fauna. 

The Power Of Your Plate

The red stumpnose (Chrysoblephus gibbiceps) is an endemic reef fish found only on South Africa’s reef systems. Their life history traits make them interesting to study, but highly susceptible to overfishing. Lauren de Vos explains why...

I’m mid-sentence, my brain thrashing lamely with statistical terminology, when my cellphone vibrates loudly on the wooden desk. I should really switch this thing off for meetings. I toss the offending piece of technology into my bag and resume my discussion on our False Bay analysis, so it’s only later that I see the sms blinking innocently at me:

Vote for Cape Town and vote for a sustainable future powered by renewable energy #welovecapetown

Capetonians can now start voting to show the world why Cape Town should be named the world's most loveable sustainable city #welovecapetown

Cape Town has been selected as a finalist city in the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) ‘We Love Cities’ campaign as part of the Earth Hour City Challenge.

The Mother City has been selected from among 163 entrants from 34 cities and 14 countries.

Redfins a Conservation Story

Redfin minnows (genus Pseudobarbus) are a unique and threatened group of freshwater fish found in the Cape Floristic Region (CFR) at the south-western tip of Africa.

As the name implies, their fins glow bright red, particularly at breeding time, and males develop strange white conical growths on their noses (called tubercles) to help attract a mate.

Incredibly, these fish also produce clicking sounds that echo through their silent watery worlds, presumably to warn other fish to keep clear of their territories.

World Design Capital 2014 New Years Eve Celebration

City Hall, Cape Town

City counts down to World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 with spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration.

Roll on WDC 2014!

The City’s New Year’s Eve party promises to be a visual extravaganza, using creative design elements in the form of 3D mapping and laser lighting.

Madiba and Cape Town


Cape Town has always enjoyed a special relationship with Madiba, from his incarceration on Robben Island for 18 years to his eventual release and being awarded the Freedom of the City.

Locals and visitors wishing to celebrate Madiba’s legacy have a number of monuments, statues, landmarks and museums to explore.

Fire Season Is Here - Be Aware And Be Prepared

It may be the start of a fun, hot summer, but that also brings with it the start of fire season and CapeNature encourages all to brush up on their fire safety knowledge and make this season a safe one.

The Western Cape is one of the worst affected veldfire areas in the country where fires are a natural phenomenon during summer. However, too frequent fires may have a negative effect on the biodiversity and ecosystem services such as water production.

Innovative New Labels Make Recycling Easier For Customers

In an industry first, Woolworths has initiated and introduced a new on-pack recycling label (OPRL), intended to assist recycling efforts by making it easier for customers to recycle correctly, while stimulating the growth of the recycling sector.

Woolworths was motivated to develop the new recycling labels after feedback from customers revealed that the industry symbols currently used on packaging are confusing. To date, recycling labels across the sector have been designed to assist waste collectors and waste separators, and not customers.

City of Cape Town To Host Waste-to-Art Market

The City of Cape Town is hosting the third Waste-to-Art Market from 4 to 13 December 2013.

This market is a visual celebration of the City’s commitment to waste minimisation, recycling, promoting entrepreneurship, and building a sustainable city.

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