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Beachgoers reminded to be shark-savvy as summer approaches

With the presence of great white sharks at in-shore areas expected to increase over the summer season, the City of Cape Town is ensuring that the necessary precautionary measures are in place.

Typically, shark sightings start in late August and continue through to April, with most sightings being reported in mid-summer. Since September, there have been seven shark sightings at beaches monitored by the City’s partner, the Shark Spotters. There has been one sighting in Muizenberg, one in Caves (Kogel Bay), one in Monwabisi and four in Fish Hoek.

City names Cape Town’s commercial energy efficiency stars for 2015

The City of Cape Town recognises that resource efficiency is critical to building economic activity and increasing a city’s competitiveness and resilience.

This is reflected in the City’s recently approved Energy 2040 Goal, which includes a 37% reduction in carbon emissions, with 22% coming from energy efficiency alone.

The Energy 2040 Goal models a more resilient, lower carbon, resource-efficient and equitable future for Cape Town, which grows the administration’s stature as a leading and innovative city.

Nedbank Green Wine Awards Honour Producers Who Conserve The Winelands

A substantial number of Cape wine producers continue to lead the way globally, actively conserving part of their land and minimising their agricultural footprint while making enjoyable – and often impressive  wines.

The organic route is part of this choice and forms a category in the Nedbank Green Wine Awards. Other categories include   the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) guidelines and the Best Farming Practices which  assesses and rewards those who are responding to environmental challenges in meaningful and successful ways.

Constantia green belts cycling proposal

The City of Cape Town has invited comments from interested and affected parties on the proposal to open certain green belts in the Constantia Valley to off-road cyclists.

The proposal outlines a demarcated route that runs through the Constantia Valley greenbelts from Tokai Road up to Southern Cross Drive.

The comment period takes place from 1 to 30 October 2015.

City tells timeless tales of Cape Town’s unique South Peninsula

In celebration of Heritage Month, the City of Cape Town recently completed a project that records the history of Cape Town’s South Peninsula through stories.

The aim of these stories is to support tourism development and to stimulate local interest by illustrating the rich heritage of the area.

Steenbras storage scheme helps to offset loadshedding

Cape Town residents will continue to experience reduced loadshedding thanks to the operation of the City’s Steenbras hydro-electric scheme.

Given reports of the increased risk of loadshedding by Eskom, the City is doing all it can to lessen the impact that future load-shedding will have on our customers.

Thanks to past infrastructure investments, namely the Steenbras pumped storage scheme, the City is sometimes able to avoid loadshedding or remain on a lesser stage than Eskom has requested.

Increased shark activity with the arrival of spring

The City appeals to all beach and ocean users to be aware of the expected increase in in-shore shark activity over the spring and summer months.

Typically, shark sightings start in late August, and continue through to April, with most sightings being reported in mid-summer.

City opens environmental education centre next to Green Point Park

The City of Cape Town has opened its newly renovated Biodiversity Showcase Garden Environmental Education Centre next to Green Point Park.

The building, which was originally used as a Scout Hall, is now a fully renovated centre which will be used for running environmental education programmes and is available to the public to hire for private functions.

Ladies Mile drop-off facility to close at the end of September

The City of Cape Town would like to advise residents that the Ladies Mile drop-off facility will be closing permanently on 30 September 2015.

This is to make way for a successful land restitution claim, and the land is to be handed to the Regional Land Claims Commissioner.

Residents in the area can make use of the nearby Retreat, Wynberg, or Hout Bay drop-off facilities, or the Coastal Park landfill site in Zeekoeivlei after this date.

Motorists to be mindful of the endangered western leopard toad migration season

Motorists are urged to be on the lookout for western leopard toads.

Motorists should reduce their speed, particularly on rainy nights, as the period between July and September is the time when our local populations of this endangered species starts making their way from their foraging areas in suburban gardens to their respective breeding ponds.

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