Being Green: John Richards focuses on Water in the Rocks

Water in the Rocks
One good development is that the Table Mountain Group Aquifer, the TMG Aquifer, is in the spotlight at last, with a promise that the pilot study will soon be resumed. 
"Have you noticed how the obligatory chat about the weather has changed in the last  little while?" asks John Richards.

Drought crisis: more than 100 private sector water ideas being scrutinised

Water supplied by the City remains safe to drink

Seeking solutions that will enable the City to temporarily establish several small, intermediate and possibly even large plants to help supply drinking water. 

The Request for Information/Ideas (RFI) process solicited interest from for-profit and non-profit entities in forming possible partnerships with the City to supply, install, and operate temporary plants at various locations along the sea shore and at certain inland locations, for the injection of drinking water – the standards of which are defined by SANS 2

City’s Pelican Park Clinic construction takes off

The facility will provide a full basket of primary health services

The building features a number of green elements, such as intelligent lighting, reuse of water for irrigation, and low-maintenance finishes.

The R46 million Pelican Park Clinic project will provide much-needed health services to the community which has grown in recent years as a result of housing developments in the area. 
The City of Cape Town’s Health Department today officially signalled the start of its flagship construction project for this financial year, with a sod-turning

Giant Iceberg Splits off Antarctic

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A huge ice-berg broke off the edge of the Larsen ‘C’ Ice Shelf in Antarctica this week.   It was not an unexpected event, as scientists have been monitoring the huge crack in the ice for a number of years, and saw it extending steadily.

Drought crisis: do not use more water when it rains

Dam storage levels are at 26,4%

DO not to relax your water-saving efforts despite the rainfall and cold spell as the metro and other parts of the country remain in the grip of severe drought.

Over the past weekend, the City’s catchment areas received insufficient rainfall. 
Dam storage levels are at 26,4% but useable water is only at approximately 16,4% which is very low for this time of the year. Collective water usage is 613 million litres per day.

The grassroots commute: Life of an intern in Cape Town CBD

Green Cycle Map in hand, I began the last leg of my journey

I was tasked to take the bus to Woodstock to fetch the company bike and cycle back. It may sound simple enough but………

The Cape Town CBD is a hub of culture, chaos and commercial activity. Cars, busses, trains and crowds of people migrate to the city every day to earn a living.  
By 8am the CBD is buzzing with businessmen, artists, tradesmen, coffee connoisseurs, and the usual bibbed ‘gold for cash’ sellers trying to reel you in.

Storyboards depict cultural history of scenic Southern Peninsula

11 themes are depicted on the storyboards

A total of 21 historical interpretive boards have been installed recently along the section of Main Road which passes through Muizenberg, St James, and Kalk Bay. 

The City of Cape Town, in collaboration with the local historical associations in Muizenberg and Kalk Bay, has created and installed a collection of interpretive boards along Main Road in the Southern Peninsula which tells the remarkable story of the people who lived in this part of the city over the centuries. 
A total of 21 historical interpr

City’s Atlantis Smart Park is ready to play

New smart park in Atlantis, Cape Town

A new smart park in Atlantis, the fifth of its kind in Cape Town, was built at a cost of just over R12 million and officially opened to the public this week. 

This is the fifth suburb to benefit from the park design that resulted in the City’s Recreation and Parks Department receiving an award for excellence from the Institute for Landscape Architecture two years ago.
Smart parks are about bringing quality, durable and creative facilities to previously underserved communities and providing somet

67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day is on a SECRET MISSION

Each scarf will have the 67 Blankets trademark satin label sewn on

"KnitWits for Madiba" have a few more days to flex nimble fingers and keep their needles going because “good wool” is heading to all corners of SA for a 67 Blankets knitathon of note.

South Africa’s KnitWits are churning out numerous scarves for the 67 Blankets Secret Scarves Shhh...!!

WARNING to ALL Water Users in Cape Town

Use less than 87 litres of water per person per day in total
Drought crisis: recent rain has made little difference, please keep saving!
The City requires all water users to use less than 87 litres of water per person per day in total, irrespective of whether they are at home, work or elsewhere. 
Dam storage levels are at 25,4% but useable water is only at approximately 15,4% which is very low for this time of the year.
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