Cape Town prepares to take additional action to tighten up on water use

Dam levels have dropped to 40,4%

The City of Cape Town is preparing to take tougher action against those who contravene the water restrictions. 

According to the latest statistics, dam levels have dropped to 40,4% as of  23 January 2017 while the average consumption is 80 million litres above the targeted 800 million litres of collective usage per day. 
It is clear that many Capetonians are going above and beyond the call of duty to reduce their water consumption.

Public urged to comment on Cape Town’s draft Cycling Strategy

Cape Town Green CYCLE Map due out in February

Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority has published a draft Cycling Strategy which aims to increase the percentage of commuter trips by bicycle from the current 1% to 8% by 2030. 

Inclusive of the draft strategy is a proposal for a bicycle manufacturing plant in Cape Town. 
The City of Cape Town has committed substantial resources over the past eight years to pursuing the vision of a cycling-friendly city.

Water use climbs again

Dam levels are at 42,5 %

Cape Town’s water usage nears 100 million litres over daily targets and the City is greatly concerned. 

The City is working via Council processes to implement more stringent Level 3 water restrictions. 

An Alternative Guide To South Africa

Sand-filled water slide, Macassar Beach Pavilion

Macassar Beach Pavilion is included in this selection of 10 Unusual Things To See And Do in South Africa.

While South Africa is famed for its natural beauty, there are also a host of unusual landmarks to add to your bucket list.

Open Streets Day in Bree and Longmarket Sts on car-free Sunday

An estimated 15 000 people at Open Streets 2016

Open Streets Day will be celebrated on Sunday 15 January, when Bree Street and the section of Longmarket Street between Bree and Adderley Streets will be closed to traffic from 10:00 to 15:00.

Following on from the successful Open Streets Day in Bree Street in 2016, on Sunday 15th it will also include a section of Longmarket Street, which connects with a different part of the Cape Town central business district (CBD).

Attempts to capture a caracal at Burghers Walk in Simon’s Town

Once captured, the caracal will be relocated
Burghers Walk in Simon’s Town will be temporarily closed overnight to facilitate the capture of a caracal that is threatening the endangered African penguins in the area. 
The City of Cape Town will again be closing Burghers Walk in Simon’s Town to the public in an attempt to capture a caracal which is preying on the highly endangered African penguin in the area.
The City was unsuccessful in its attempts to trap the caracal in December and the next operation will start tomorrow, 12 January 2017.

Cape Town water consumption climbs further above targeted levels

There is a serious possibility that our water will run out

City of Cape Town calls on residents to intensify their efforts to save water and to take responsibility for reporting contraventions in their community. 

Despite a promising few weeks over the Christmas period where overall water consumption moved close to targeted levels, data for the last week shows that demand on our potable water supply is once again on the rise. 
Residents as a whole used an average of 859 million litres per day for the week of 2 – 8 January 2017.

Minstrel road march and Tweede Nuwe Jaar events

Tweede Nuwe Jaar minstrel parade

The Minstrel road march and Tweede Nuwe Jaar events will go ahead after permits are granted by City of Cape Town.

Beach-goers asked to increase shark awareness

Beach-goers may also make use of the Shark Spotter app

City of Cape Town and the Shark Spotters urge beach-goers to pay attention to shark signage at beaches and to obey officials if instructed to leave the water.

The shark monitoring programme covers eight Cape Town beaches. 
‘We will again be doing everything we can to enhance beach safety, especially ahead of and during the traditionally busy beach days including the Day of Goodwill, New Year’s day and Tweede Nuwejaar.

Cape Town dam levels dip below 50 percent

Daily consumption statistics paint a worrying picture
In spite of ongoing appeals and awareness about water use, Capetonians are still falling short of the mark.
After nearly two months of Level 3 water restrictions, the average daily consumption remains a cause for concern in spite of repeated appeals that residents cut down on water use. 
In the last week, the average daily consumption was 864 million litres against a target of 800 million litres.
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