National Energy Efficiency Campaign helping to fight energy addiction

Both the production of energy and its usage, impact on the atmospheric emission of harmful and odorous gases contributing to global warming. We need to start thinking about energy in more sustainable ways, and the National Energy Efficiency Campaign is there to provide support and information to those willing to curb and manage our addiction.

Cape Town Green Map featured on CNBC

This three minute clip about the Cape Town Green Map was filmed a couple of weeks after the "virtual launch" of the map and appeared on CNBC Africa on Sunday evening.

Catch Philip Todres waxing lyrical about the Cape Town Green Map and a new kind of green revolution for Africa. And Brett Myrdal, Park Manager for Table Mountain National Park gives the map the green light from the top of Table Mountain.

The map will feature again on CNBC on Tuesday 28th July as part of a Business 2010 insert.

2010 Fifa World Cup in need of volunteers

Do you want to be part of the World Cup?

Applications are now open to volunteers for the 2010 Fifa World Cup. If you want to join in, the process is quite simple and easy, and there are positions open in environmental services for those who lean towards the green side of things.

Singing in the rain?

It wasn’t until former US Vice President, Al Gore’s documentary about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, hit international screens in 2006 that a renewed sense of urgency about climate change entered mass, popular consciousness.


It was only recently also that environmentalists were ridiculed, sidelined and labeled “bunny huggers” or “lentil heads”.

Environmental show 50/50 now facing extinction

The SABC recently announced that it is “resting” the local environmental and conservation programme 50/50. This means that the 25 year old show has been taken off the air, with the promise that it might be reconsidered for broadcast at the beginning of next year.

City gives bicycle commuters a leg up

The City of Cape Town has set itself a goal, by which it aims to increase the number of cyclists, as well as promote walking in the city, by creating a safe and pleasant network of bicycle and pedestrian paths – not just for 2010 – but beyond. This forms part of its vision to provide a world-class sustainable transport system for all residents of Cape Town.

Still a chance for Table Mountain to be a New 7 Wonder

You have today.

The last day before voting closes for the New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign. And Table Mountain is doing well – it is currently at No.7 in its category, but a few more votes can help boost its position, and its prospects of being in the final seven.

Bokke Go Green!

Our green-clad sportsmen are not only tackling the British and Irish Lions, but climate change as well by embracing the South African Breweries' (SAB) new project – “Greening the Boks”.


The project aims to offset the carbon emissions generated by the Springbok Rugby team’s transport and accommodation during their tours.

Cape Town's Broccoli Project Wins Two Global Awards

The Cape Town-based “Broccoli Project” recently won second place and 20 000 Euros at the Global Entrepreneurship Competition (GEC), held in Barcelona this year. They also took the title of “Best Social Value”, which helped them earn a further 5 000 Euros.

Noah of Cape Town ready to flood our minds

Opening on the 9th of July at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town is South Africa’s first full-length, original a cappella musical, Noah of Cape Town.


The musical is an intuitive look into a future where Cape Town, like every other city in the world, is suffering from the effects of global warming, environmental disasters, fuel shortages, war and corruption.

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