Cape Town to sell "Green Electricity"

On Wednesday, the City of Cape Town announced its plans to start selling Green electricity, which is produced at the Darling Wind Farm on the West Coast.


Cape Town in the dark

The City of Cape Town will again be supporting the annual ‘Earth Hour’ initiative in 2010. Millions around the world will turn off their lights for an hour at 20:30 on Saturday 27 March 2010 to raise awareness and show support for climate change action.


World Water Day

Water - life on Earth could not exist without it. All living things need water, and the human body is made up of about 60% water, and it is also one of the most abundant substances on our planet, giving rise to the term "the Blue Planet".

This week is Water week in South Africa and the UN World Water day is on Monday 22 March.

Cape Town business backs sustainability

Sustainability is becoming part of ‘business as usual’ in many large companies and nowhere is this more evident than in Cape Town, according to Accelerate Cape Town CEO Guy Lundy. A group of sustainability leaders from some of the largest organisations in the Cape gathered on Thursday, 26 November - brought together as an initiative of Accelerate Cape Town - to connect with each other, share common experiences in the sustainability arena, and to draft a plan of action to achieve jointly-held sustainability goals.

Cycling cleans up its act

Well, the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour is over for another year, and Lance Armstrong did not win it, instead hanging back and supposedly supporting his partner Daryl Impy into third place. Nice of him to give his teammate a chance to shine.


Covert Critters: Your Allies in the Garden. Part 2 - Lizards

pic: Suretha & Cliff Dorse

After looking at Snakes in Part 1 we take a look at some other reptiles found in the Cape Town garden - the lizards.

Lizards are a large group of reptiles comprising over 3800 species and found on all continents except, not surprisingly, Antartica.

Lance Armstrong to do the Argus for a cause

Lance Armstrong, legendary cyclist and inspirational cancer survivor, who went on to win the Tour de France seven times, is in South Africa and is going to take part in the Argus cycle tour on Sunday.

Armstrong has also headlined a series of speaking events over the last few days, one of which was a group of youngsters in Mitchells Plain, to whom he spoke about how his love of cycling drove his success.

Western Cape filling up the landfills

The Western Cape has estimated that it has five years of landfill space left. This was the message delivered by MEC Anton Bredell at the Waste Minimisation Summit last week. The City's waste generation however continues to grow at an average of about 7 percent a year, the provincial Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning has warned.

FoodTent solution to school feeding crisis

In response to an ever increasing feeding crisis in schools with feeding schemes, which often battle to source and secure supplies of nutritious food, the City’s Environmental Resource Management Department’s Youth Environmental School (YES) team took on this challenge.  

Cape Town assesses the future of its coastline

Most of us have heard that the sea level is rising and with a huge chunk of ice the size of Luxembourg breaking away from the Antarctica last week, its not surprising that the people of Cape Town should be concerned about rising sea levels.

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