Noah of Cape Town ready to flood our minds

Opening on the 9th of July at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town is South Africa’s first full-length, original a cappella musical, Noah of Cape Town.


The musical is an intuitive look into a future where Cape Town, like every other city in the world, is suffering from the effects of global warming, environmental disasters, fuel shortages, war and corruption.

Government to implement green tax breaks

The government has proposed environmental tax incentives to try to address the negative effects of climate change.

SA’s greenhouse-gas emissions rank in the top 20 in the world, contribute 1,8% to global emissions and are responsible for 42% of Africa’s emissions.

Johnnie Walker® Celebrating Strides Awards find a taste for the environment

This year, Johnnie Walker® created the Celebrating Strides Awards to both mark its centenary and to recognise aspiring entrepreneurs, artists and individuals in certain disciplines for acting as catalysts to those who want to make a difference. Awards were given in six categories:

Virtual launch a resounding success & 10 winners announced

Friday's virtual launch was a huge success. A large number of people logged in to be part of the Cape Town Green Map's appearance on the 'green scene' in the Mother City. Hits to the site spiked by 2000% and suggest a site emails streamed in (we will add these just as soon as we can, thank you!).

Cape Town Green map launches today!

We're celebrating the launch of the Cape Town Green map today, along with World Environment Day and the launch of the global Open Green Map website! Read more about our virtual launch here


We're giving away a copy of 'Going Green - 365 Ways to Change Our World' by Simon Gear to 10 visitors who've registered on the website since we've gone live.

Cape Town Green Map goes virtual the smart way, by decreasing carbon

Cape Town Green Map has chosen to lead by reacting to climate change in a way that will have other local businesses asking how they can use virtual events, conferencing and telecommuting as a benefit to the environment.

Virtual events are gaining popularity and interest mainly because of the economic climate but also because of the push for companies to go green and reduce their carbon footprint.

Cape Town brings to Africa its first Green Map

The Cape Town Green Map isn’t just a bunch of intersecting lines and street names. Rather it is the heart of the city, a green life-force, which sends out information via the numerous vessels and networks of the internet.

As with all maps, it provides direction – but with a difference.

Cape Town Green Map joins the global launch of Open Green Map

Cape Town Green Map is just one of a global group of green map celebrations being held today, 5 June 2009, World Environment Day.

On the same day there are special events planned for New York City, Baltimore, Geneva, Jakarta, Stockholm, Baltimore, Pereira, Colombia, Swansea (UK), Clackmannanshire (Scotland) Neath Port Talbot and other cities.

World Environment Day: why our planet is more than just a rock

There are more stars in this universe, than grains of sand on this planet. Think about that for a second. The observable universe is nearly 200 billion light years big (thats excluding the parts that we can’t see). In all this mind-boggling proportion, our planet, a tiny speck of dust in an ocean, is possibly the only one that is capable of sustaining life.

Table Mountain - a new wonder - vote for it!

At last glance, Table Mountain's live ranking in the top 77 official new7wonders of nature nominees was number 28 and rising. 261 qualified national and multinational nominees are busy competing to make it to the top 77. At the end of the road, there will be only seven – make sure Table Mountain is one of them!

Before you click here to vote, be warned that you can't just vote for one wonder of nature, you will need to vote for seven – and they can't all be Table Mountain.

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