Bicycle Portraits - everyday South Africans and their bicycles.

Bicycle Portraits is a project initiated by Stan Engelbrecht, a photographer based in Cape Town, and Nic Grobler who is based in Johannesburg. They decided early in 2010 that whenever they can, together or separately, they will look out for fellow commuters, and people who use bicycles as part of their everyday work, and meet and photograph these people.

Local students designs in Global Industrial Design Poster Competition

World Industrial Design Day which is held on the 29th of June, celebrates the profession of industrial design, and encourages the use of design in improving quality of life around our planet. Two local students from the Cape Peninsula of Technology have been included in the final five posters for the Global Industrial Design Poster Competition.

International Biodiversity Day - 22 May

The International Day of Biological Diversity is held every year on May 22nd. The day was created by the United Nations to create awareness about environmental issues. This years official theme is "Biodiversity for Development". The aim of each Biodiversity Day every year, is to raise public and political awareness, at the national and international levels, of the significance of ecosystems and biodiversity for human well-being.


The Great Power Race begins now

Young people from three of the largest countries on the planet - China, India, and the United States have announced the launch of the Great Power Race.

Innovators honoured in Impumelelo 2010 Sustainability Awards

On Sunday evening the Impumelelo Awards were held at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town. These awards are made every year to outstanding public and civil society sector initiatives that are setting the standard and achieving great results. The evening also celebrated the tenth year of the Impumelelo awards.

African Wind Energy Association buys the most green electricity to date

The African Wind Energy Association has made the biggest purchase of green electricity to date, with it's purchase to "green" the electricity consumed at the Wind Power Africa 2010 Conference.


No more guilt trips - an eco-friendly tour around Cape Town

There are few cities in the world that can boast a scenic train ride along a magnificent stretch of coastline offering whale spotting from the carriage windows and easy access to major tourist attractions within a two kilometre radius of train stations - but this is the promise of a journey on the Southern Line. Now a new partnership adds a carbon-friendly extension to the Southern Line experience with Rail and Ride.

More energy efficient street lights planned for Cape Town

In a major effort to save energy, the City of Cape Town has spent almost R5 million from its operating budget and R25 million from its capital budget over the past 18 months, replacing thousands of street lights across the Cape Metropole with energy-efficient lamps whilst a further R15 million is being spent in the current financial year.

Loss of biodiversity 'to damage economies'

The Earth's ongoing nature losses may soon begin to hit national economies, according to a major UN report.

The third Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-3) warns that some ecosystems may soon reach "tipping points" where they rapidly become less useful to humanity.

Capetonians can now buy green electricity

It is now possible for the citizens of Cape Town to purchase green electricity. This is done in the form of Green Electricity Certificates (GEC's). Green electricity is electricity that has been generated from renewable resources such as wind, waves or the sun.

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