FoodTent solution to school feeding crisis

In response to an ever increasing feeding crisis in schools with feeding schemes, which often battle to source and secure supplies of nutritious food, the City’s Environmental Resource Management Department’s Youth Environmental School (YES) team took on this challenge.  

Cape Town assesses the future of its coastline

Most of us have heard that the sea level is rising and with a huge chunk of ice the size of Luxembourg breaking away from the Antarctica last week, its not surprising that the people of Cape Town should be concerned about rising sea levels.

In the “company” of history lies the conservation of our future

Ancient trees, lush green lawns across which squirrels are scampering, pigeons are squabbling. Add to this beautiful ponds and water lilies, and you have a rich, diverse garden - in the middle of a big city? Yes. The Company's Garden is one of South Africa’s oldest pieces of cultivated land. Jan van Rieebeck founded the garden on the instructions of the Dutch East India Company to create a food garden to supply passing ships. Today the garden is located in the middle of Cape Town's CBD.

Educating the future

Students from 14 schools in the Metropole Central Education District are involved in a one year project which is aimed at educating children about water, waste management, energy efficiency and re-cycling.


Covert Critters: Your Allies in the Garden. Part 1 - Snakes

pic: Suretha & Cliff Dorse

As more of us become aware of the advantages of planting indigenous species (or even better locally indigenous) in our gardens, we also need to understand and care for the creatures that join us in our gardens. Many are wrongly perceived as problems or pests and sometimes killed, but armed with a bit of knowledge we learn that most are allies that need to be protected.

Wine with a lighter footprint

South African winemakers are starting to introduce lighter wine bottles into their collections to help off-set their carbon footprints.

Sales of individually packaged SA wines in the UK rose by 11 percent in 2009, and in 2008 this country's wine earned in excess of R6 billon in foreign exchange. But the increase in sales means that the carbon footprint has also increased, a fact that eco-conscience consumers in foreign markets concerned about climate change and food miles, will be aware of.

Get free tickets to the Natural & Organic Products Exhibition 2010

pic: Natural & Organic Products Exhibition

If you're in Cape Town and interested in all things green and organic, then you'll want to head down to the Natural & Organic Products Exhibition this weekend.

This year's show at the CTICC (Fri 19 - Sun 21 Feb) promises to be bustling, judging by the turnout at the Joburg show last year and the growth in consumer interest, so get there early!

Scoring green goals for the environment

AP Photo / Denis Farrell

The City of Cape Town launched its "Making Connections: Soccer and the Environment" programme for learners today at the Athlone Soccer Stadium.

Soetwater becomes coastal conservancy

pic: Bruce Sutherland

Soetwater Resort, between Kommetjie and Scarborough on Cape Town’s south peninsula, is an important historical camping site that represents the environmental challenge of finding a balance between conservation goals and community needs.

The area represents some of the last remaining functioning coastal ecosystems in Cape Town and is of great long-term cultural importance.

How green is your fleet?

The City of Cape Town, through its Air Quality Managment Plan (AQMP), aims to be "the city with the cleanest air in Africa" and underpinning this plan are eleven key aims, one of which is the control of vehicle emissions.

Brown haze

The brown haze that appears on certain windless winter days when a temperature inversion layer traps pollutants has become a depressingly familiar sight.

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