Vision 2030 plans a greener future for Cape Town

Vision 2030, a project spearheaded by Accelerate Cape Town, aims to transform Cape Town into Africa's Global City, where inspiration and innovation will create sustainable growth and prosperity and develop a more equal and just society. Since the projected timeframe for such a transformation is two decades, the culmination of this vision will be in 2030.

Amongst other goals, such as the development of innovative and creative artistic and cultural ventures and the improvement of current educational systems, the project has established green goals as well.

The Cape Town city region has the potential for many forms of renewable energy, namely solar, wind, current and geothermal. With the need to reduce carbon emissions, this makes the region a natural choice to pioneer and use a palette of renewable options. The ultimate vision is to make the city a global hub for research into affordable low-carbon energy solutions. Also, since the city is known for its natural beauty the hope is to sustain it, while catering for increasing population and business growth.

Other green goals include making the city a pioneering example of a post-carbon economy, the installation of 500 000 solar water heaters, as well as the creation of 20 000 “green jobs” within the next ten years.

Current green projects that Vision 2030 is also interested in, to help further realise their goals, include the Agama Energy’s Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates (TREC) programme and the Cape Town Green Map.

To find out more about Vision 2030, pay their website a visit and learn more about what plans are in store for the city, and what you can do to help the city achieve them.