Urban Sustainability Exhibition at Cape Town Civic Centre

Cape Town Green Maps available at Urban Sustainability Exhibit

As part of the Cape Town’s celebration of World Environment Day, Mayor Patricia de Lille opened an exhibition of the Mayor’s Portfolio of Urban Sustainability. 

The City’s Think Water Exhibition which was showcased at Canal Walk this past weekend will also be on display, with a range of ideas and tips for residents on how they can save water. 
A focus on the environment and urban sustainability has become especially important given the impacts of climate change which cities are at the forefront of addressing. 
Cape Town is currently experiencing the harsh impacts of climate change, with our most severe drought in 100 years due to the decrease in annual average rainfall. 
In Cape Town specifically, we have to adapt to low levels of rainfall and fundamentally change our relationship with water.
Cape Town's Organisational Development and Transformation Plan includes the transformational priorities of resource efficiency and security and changing the way we do things to better realise these goals. 
The Mayor’s Portfolio of Urban Sustainability is one of our guides in this endeavour. The portfolio, which is published every second year, profiles a range of City projects and assesses them against 12 urban sustainability criteria. 
It aims to encourage project managers to consider the implementation of sustainability principles in project planning and implementation. 
The 66 projects profiled to date are varied, ranging from the biological control of invasive weeds to the Wallacedene green taxi rank, from the diarrhoeal disease season campaign to the Kraaifontein Integrated Waste Management Facility, and from the Pelican Park housing development to the Shark Spotters Programme.
The exhibition opened on 14 June 2017 and will be on display until 22 June 2017.