Testing continues for automated pressure zone roll-outs in Oakdale and surrounds

By creating automated pressure zones, Cape Town will be able to adjust water pressure remotely and work more efficiently.   

The City continues to roll out automated pressure zones for the implementation of pressure management. This technology reduces the flow of water and thus helps to reduce water usage. To install an automated zone, the City needs to test the integrity of the local reticulation network.
Work is scheduled to take place from Thursday 15 February 2018 from 20:00 to 02:00 in the Oakdale area, which is bounded by N1 to the north, Durban Road to the west, Old Oak Road to the east and Old Paarl Road to the south. 
"We have recently successfully tested areas including the Cape Town CBD, Green Point, Paarden Eiland, Woodstock, Salt River, Epping, Delft and Brooklyn. Testing is happening across the metro. 
The pressure management programme started in 2004. There are more than 115 automated zones across the city which are being prioritised based on their leak and burst rates. Areas with high water pressure typically experience more leaks and bursts. 
Other areas will be informed of supply disruptions in due course. At least 25 areas across the city have been identified that could benefit from this technology. Affected areas are requested not to stockpile large volumes of municipal water as the service interruptions are not expected to be in effect for long periods."
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