Team Farmer Angus in the Sanlam 10km Peace Run

Team Farmer Angus in training

Farmer Angus will be leading his team of farmworkers at the Sanlam 10k Peace Run on Sunday 17 September 2017.

Angus McIntosh, or more commonly known as ‘Farmer Angus’, from Spier Wine Farm has encouraged 26 of his workers to run in the Sanlam 10km Peace Run, which is held in conjunction with the Cape Town Marathon on Sunday 17 September 2017.

Famer Angus started farming on Spier, the well-known wine estate in Stellenbosch and featured on the Green Wine Route, in 2008 where he was mentored in biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic agriculture is based on the knowledge that the soil, plants, animals and farmers work together in one agricultural cycle. In practice, similar to organic farming, biodynamic farming uses no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. This farming methodology uses specific principles that ensure off-farm inputs are limited and self-reliance is promoted.

Farmer Angus’s heart is invested in the farm as he left his job in London as a stockbroker at Goldman Sachs to live a more holistic lifestyle and start farming. He is passionate about his work and sees these regenerative farming techniques as a resilient and ethical alternative to the modern, unsustainable farming practices that are used today.

A few months ago, Farmer Angus was inspired to get his workers training. As a weekly morning ritual, the workers come to the ‘circle’ where they all join together to sing, stretch and do team building activities.

One morning, Tamnbo Moukwa, 31-year-old Zimbabwe-born farmworker, led the circle and announced that he was able to run 100m in 6 seconds. “Of course we did not quite believe his (Moukwa's) claim,” said Angus MacIntosh, the charismatic farm manager at Spier. Immediately the workers marked out the 100m course, and Moukwa’s challenge was set. Moukwa was unable to prove his claim, coming in at 11 seconds, but Farmers Angus had seen his potential and was motivated to cultivate this talent.

Farmer Angus challenged all of his farmworkers to enter the 10km Peace Run and 26 staff rose to the occasion.

One of the farmworkers will even be attempting the full Cape Town Marathon. Since then, the workers have had weekly training with Jacques Jansen van Rensburg, a good friend of Angus’ and one of SA's top track and cross country athletes over distances ranging from 1500m to cross country. Jansen van Rensburg owns his own lifestyle training & consultancy business where he trains individuals and groups for wellness and lifestyle purposes, and trains groups of high performance athletes from junior to national level with great success. He trains with Team Farmer Angus twice a week and sees great potential for these athletes as they are determined, competitive and have the drive to thrive.

Team Farmer Angus is revving to go and will be travelling from Stellenbosch on Sunday for the race.

So come and support this team, and all the other determined athletes, as they run around the beautiful Mother City and promote peace.

Tiffany Chalmers: Cape Town Green Map Intern