Stark-Condé Excels in Design, Green Production

©Douglas Calvin Hinkel

Make note:  Next winery to visit – Stark-Condé.

Housing superb wines (including a Cabernet Sauvignon that was named the best red in the Southern Hemisphere), exercising green practices, and featuring a beautiful setting situated between the towering Stellenbosch mountains, Stark-Condé offers visitors an unforgettable experience.
While the delicious Postcard Café is certainly deserving of your business, the wine (and tasting of it) is the estate's jewel in the crown.  Visitors cross a winding wooden bridge to reach a hut situated in the middle of a glimmering lake.  
The setting is perfect for a laxed afternoon of red and white indulgence.    
Now that we’ve established Stark-Condé as a premiere winery, let’s discuss their green policies.  In association with Sustainable Wine South Africa (SWSA), it is Integrity and Sustainability Certified.  The certification is largely a result of the winery’s devotion to traditional practices stemming from an intensively family-run farm with loyal workers.
Focusing on natural methods and shying away from machinery whenever possible, all grapes are hand picked and punch downs are manually performed.  They also recycles all glass bottles, paper and cardboard boxes.
Stark-Condé offers a unique and elegant experience, and does so without destroying the environment.  Next time you’re in Stellenbosch, do yourself a favor and visit the estate that demonstrates why Stellenbosch is one of the world’s most cherished winelands.
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