Recycling the Non-Recyclable - Innovative “eco-construction” Technique

©The EcoBrick Exchange

The EcoBrick Exchange, a nonprofit organization focused on recycling and education, is partnering with the World Design Capital.

The community uplift project has developed a way to construct buildings by using donated plastic bottles as bricks.  Their first project consists of rebuilding a Penguins Play and Learn Centre in Gqebera Township, Port Elizabeth.
The project’s success is dependent on your participation and donations of ecobricks.  It's a fun and simple way to constructively get rid of plastic waste.
From the EcoExchange website, here’s instructions on how to make your own ecobrick:
1. Twist tight any plastic waste such as plastic food packaging, chip packets, plastic litter, etc. and squish them into a 2ℓ coke (or other with similar shape) bottle.
2. Compress the plastic waste with a piece of bamboo or dial stick so that there is little air space between the plastic.
3. Your ecobrick should weigh approximately 500 grams.
Once constructed, donate the bundle of traditionally non-recyclable waste so that the EcoBrick Exchange can… well, recycle it.
Nifty, huh? 
I previously applauded the Chavonnes Battery Museum – currently housing the exhibition Da Vinci: The Genius – for its proactive recycling design; the museum used remnants of an old Cape Town battery as the foundation for the building.  The main idea being:  use the old to build the new.
Building off this idea, the EcoBrick Exchange has upped the ante on innovative “eco-construction” techniques.  
Please support this NPO and join Cape Town’s eco-design movement by donating your plastic waste.  Remember the two-liter bottles need to weigh around 500 grams (so really pack those things full!).  
You can drop off your ecobricks at the Montebello Design Centre shop.  
Where:  The Montebello Shop (located in the Montebello Design Centre); 
31 Newlands Ave, Cape Town 7700, South Africa
Telephone:  021 685 6445
For more info: The EcoBrick Exchange Website or Email them at: