R15 million 'green' irrigation for 2010 FIFA World Cup™ stadiums

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ aiming to be the “greenest” football World Cup yet, newer, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly projects are being given the go-ahead. The most recent of these is a R15 million project to irrigate the Cape Town-based football stadiums.

The city has decided to use underground spring water from natural springs, above the Molteno Reservoir in the city bowl. It appears that there is enough spring water to irrigate the entire Green Point Common as well the Mouille Point Promenade and beach front.

This method will be cheaper than potable water, and will cost an estimated R15 million. It will include a water supply pipeline that will run from the natural springs to the Green Point Commons, which until now had been irrigated with pure drinking water.

One of the other options that were considered was rainwater harvesting, but it was deemed unviable as the demand for water is generally higher in summer, whilst Cape Town has winter rainfall.

A feasibility investigation in August 2008 made it clear that the sourcing of a non-potable water supply was the best option.


source: newstoday.co.za