National Energy Efficiency Campaign helping to fight energy addiction

Both the production of energy and its usage, impact on the atmospheric emission of harmful and odorous gases contributing to global warming. We need to start thinking about energy in more sustainable ways, and the National Energy Efficiency Campaign is there to provide support and information to those willing to curb and manage our addiction.

In March of this year a website was launched by the National Energy Efficiency Campaign to provide South Africa with a wealth of information that aims to educate South Africa about the energy crisis, and provide useful tips to improve energy consumption from the home to the office.

Over the past three months the site has attracted many visitors from across the country (and a few from beyond our borders) with nearly 350 people declaring that they will do their part to save energy by signing a pledge.


The site also offers an abundance of information available for you to use such as facts and figures, an energy addiction quiz, and downloadable audits for home and business. They are also currently developing a game that will teach children about energy in a fun and interactive way.

The campaign and the site are a government initiative, and it is good to see that there is some sort of “official” involvement in creating an awareness of energy usage and in providing a platform where like-minded or interested people can find information that is relevant to them.

Do yourself a favour and pay the site a visit at, and consider this your intervention.