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Dunoon station - Bruce Sutherland l CoCT

MyCiTi service connects the Dunoon community with Table View and the city centre.

The new MyCiTi route connecting Dunoon means that the community can now hop on and hop off a MyCiTi bus close to home.  The new route connects with the existing route to the Table View MyCiTi station and the Civic Centre station.

‘The provision of affordable and reliable public transport is one of the most significant redress projects for this administration. We are making progress possible for our communities by providing them with the means to participate in social and economic activities,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron.
The extension of the main route (T01) along Blaauwberg Road means that residents of Dunoon can now travel directly to Table View, or continue to the city centre. It will also provide a convenient connection to Blouberg, Parklands, Melkbosstrand, Century City and Montague Gardens via Racecourse Road. Passengers travelling to these areas will need to change buses at the MyCiTi Table View station or Wood station.

In an attempt to make the experience for passengers as pleasant as possible, 12 more MyCiTi buses have been added to this popular route, now extending from Wood station to Dunoon.  

Five new MyCiTi stations have opened along the route at Circle East, Potsdam, Killarney, Dunoon and Usasaza.

With the launch of the new service, 62 minibus-taxis that operate between Dunoon and the Table View, Parklands and Melkbosstrand suburbs will be discontinued.  The Dunoon Taxi Association is one of five taxi associations who formed Kidrogen, the Vehicle Operating Company (VOC) which entered into a 12-year contract with the City.  
‘Our partnership with one of the most important public transport stakeholders, the taxi industry, is one of the largest empowerment deals in South Africa and is valued at over R4,5 billion currently,’ said Councillor Herron.
Every individual affected taxi operator (operating licence-holder) was given the option to participate in the Integrated Rapid Transport (IRT) project.  Taxi operators were given the option to surrender their Operating Licence and vehicle in exchange for compensation and the right to buy shares in the Kidrogen VOC, or continue to operate in competition with the MyCiTi service until such time as their operating licence expires.
As part of a shared responsibility between the City and stakeholders, taxi associations and owners of affected taxis were asked to add the names of their full-time employees to a register.  All the VOCs and other IRT contractors are required to employ most of their staff from this register.
Taxi drivers will be trained and employed by the VOCs. If there are insufficient driver jobs for the taxi drivers, these excess taxi drivers will be provided with training to obtain a bus driver’s licence (Code 11), and be assisted to find alternative placement.  In addition, many other jobs in the MyCiTi system, such as those regarding station management, are also open to taxi drivers.
Minibus-taxis servicing other areas as well as Golden Arrow Bus Services will continue to operate in and around the Dunoon area.
At this point, Dunoon will be serviced by a trunk bus service, and feeder buses will be implemented at a later stage.

Construction work is set to continue on the next phase of the service to Dunoon, which will travel along Koeberg Road on a more direct route to Montague Gardens and Century City.

‘We are excited about the expansion of the much anticipated MyCiTi route to Dunoon.  Our vision for all residents to have access to a world-class public transport system is becoming a reality.  We know that this is one of the most critical redress projects for our poorer communities across the city, in linking them with economic opportunities.  We welcome the community of Dunoon to the MyCiTi network and trust that they will have a pleasant experience,’ said Councillor Herron.

PHOTO CREDIT: Bruce Sutherland l City of Cape Town