Monkeybiz Attracts World-Class Bead Artists

It is with great pleasure and pride that Monkeybiz will be welcoming world renowned bead artist,  Joyce J. Scott to Cape Town in July, from the Unites States on the 22nd -23rd and the 28th - 29th July.

Joyce is known throughout the world as a  prolific Bead Artist. She would like to realise her lifetime dream to come to South Africa, share her skills with her African sisters and give back to our community. 

Joyce is a visual and performance African American and at the age of 5 she began to learn the art of beadwork, sitting on her mom’s knee.  Her mom was also an artist – Elizabeth T. Scott.  Joyce is known in the US at the `Bead Queen’.  She has exhibited in the US and in cities of the World in Solo Exhibitions, and Group Exhibition.  Her work is featured in Selected Public Collections.  She has also done Residencies in the cities of the world and given lectures on her skill.  She has  done Selected Performances.

Joyce began her education in Baltimore, then Guanajuato Mexico and Deer Isle ME.

Her Solo Exhibitions have been held in Baltimore, New Orleans, Charlotte, NC, Annapolis, MD, San Diego, Tijuana, Mexico, Tampa, Fl, Los Angeles and many, many other cities in the US.

Her Group Exhibitions have been in almost all the above cities

She won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women’s Caucus for the Arts, amongst other wonderful awards.

She has done residencies in Murano, Italy, Montreal Canada, San Antonia, Texas, Brooklyn, New York,

Joyce will be visiting Monkeybiz with five colleagues to impart her incredible skill and talent. She is holding a 4 day Creative Workshop with our beading artists exchanging her knowledge for some traditional know-how from her African sisters.

Teresa Sullivan is a visual artist and musician from the western US, performing since 1984 as a musician and exhibiting her artwork since 1995.  Her work was exhibited in Tokyo, Japan in 2008 and she was awarded a solo exhibit at Mesa, Arizona Arts Center in 2010.  She assisted Joyce Scott in teaching workshops at Penland School of Crafts in 2003 and at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in 2012.

Oletha DeVane is an accomplished multi-media artist who strives to understand the human condition through whatever medium serves to tell the story. She is interested in diverse cultural interpretations of universal myths and the spiritual connections underlying cultures. An artist and educator, Ms. DeVane, is currently the Director of Tuttle Gallery and the former head of visual arts in the Upper School at McDonogh School in Owings Mills.

Sonya Clark is chair of the craft department at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has shown her work in over 250 venues worldwide. Her Beaded Prayers Project engaged 3000 people from 35 nations in the creation of a collaborative art project.