Iziko Planetarium: Living Inside the Cosmic Egg

Living Inside the Cosmic Egg is playing at the South African Iziko Museum Planetarium until 28 March.

Cape Town summers are alive.  Concerts, festivals, art showings, film screenings, and a plethora of outdoor activities make Cape Town the place to be. (There is a reason this great city was named 2014 World Design Capital.)

The excitement induced from annual and seasonal events makes it easy to forget about the Mother City’s year-round offerings – the events that happen rain or shine, hot or cold. 

I, Douglas Calvin Hinkel, am here asking you to please remember them! Consider taking time out of your busy summer schedule to devote some attention towards the events that are steady, consistent, and, most importantly, reliable.

I think planetariums are awesome, yet, before yesterday I hadn’t been to one since I was nine years old.  Why?  Because I am always diligently devoting my free time towards what is new, hip, and short lasting.  Luckily, the Iziko Planetarium was near one of my latest “pop-up” events – the first 2014 World Design Capital Pitching session

I made the split-second decision to enter the domed structure, where I was soon immersed in a world of stars, galaxies, and expansive nothingness.

The planetarium is open year-round, but with shows changing regularly, diverse options offer viewings for both children and adults.  They are not all just about the night sky!

Two upcoming programs will relate astronomy with great historical achievements: Astronomy of the Great Pyramid (29 March – 20 July) and The Endless Horizon (31 March – 4 April). Note:  you only have one week to explore the endless horizon!

Click here for current showings and here upcoming showings.

I digress.  Back to the article’s main influence. 

Living Inside the Cosmic Egg was a one-hour space documentary explaining how our universe is encompassed within an “eggshell” – the shell representing the point at which we cannot, and never will be able to, see past. 

What is outside our cosmic egg will forever remain a mystery. 

Explaining how we see into the past whenever we look at stars and demonstrating the universe’s intimidating size – basically incompressible even when metaphors are used – the show blew me away as if I were nothing more than a spec of dust.

Actually, that’s how big I felt as I exited the museum.

What:  Living Inside the Cosmic Egg
When:  5 December– 28 March 
         Monday to Friday – 14:00 (excluding 21 March)
         Tuesday evening – 20:00 (& sky talk)
         Saturday and Sunday – 14:30
         March 21 – 14:30
Where:  25 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town, South Africa
Contact:  021 481 3900021 481 3900/3800 or visit the museum's website
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