The International Press Focuses on Cape Town WDC 2014

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The Guardian's Lisa Grainger was surprised and delighted by what she found.

In an article titled 'A tour of Cape Town, World Design Capital 2014', Lisa Grainger of The Guardian advises: Forget fancy galleries – in Cape Town, 2014 World Design Capital, the most exciting work is in the townships and once-grungy inner-city areas.

"Like most tourists to the most southerly city in South Africa, I hadn't intended to spend most of my week in townships. I had come to investigate what visitors might see in this year's World Design Capital (WDC). Before I arrived, I had imagined that I would be strolling around, admiring work by the country's leading designers, taking in a cutting-edge exhibition or two; and perhaps following design trails from style emporium to crafts shop. How wrong I was."

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Woodstock Exchange
Woodstock Exchange

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