Food Route Tours: Saturday 12 July

#WDC601 City of Eden Tour

Focusing on sustainable and urban agriculture visits - a #WDC601 City of Eden initiative.

The first tour is a SEEDBOMB Cape Town and Historical City Farm tour that traces the fascinating story of indigenous people, stormy voyages, the global slave trade, wild animals, wars the discovery of gold is interwoven with the astonishing tale of farming and water.

Each tour ticket includes 5 seedbombs made up of organic fruit tree seeds, wild/ indigenous/ heirloom veggies and herbs.

On this day out, you will:
•    Explore how the story of our past, present and future is interwoven with growing food
•    Trace the steps of the first settlers in Cape Town who started farming here to provide passing ships with fresh fruit and vegetables
•    Discover how the natural landscape determined settlement of the Khoi San and learn about indigenous plants that made up their diet
•    Learn about the urban agriculture movement, sustainable farming methods and permaculture
•    SEEDBOMB the city!!! and learn about this ancient farming practice
•    Identify indigenous edible plants, trees and weeds along the way
•    Learn about the mountain rivers that still flow under the city
•    Experience sites steeped in the history of the Settlers, the Anglo-Boer war and the Gold Rush.

Starting point is at the bottom Government Avenue and you will be taking a journey back in time as you explore the city, arriving at Oranjezicht City Farm Market in time to tuck into scrumptious farm fresh local, natural and organic artisan food, which is where the tour will end.

Sat 12 Jul 2014 9:00 AM — 2:00 PM
The Company's Garden, Cape Town, 8000

Here is the quicket link to book for the tour

Food Route  is a City of Eden WDC601 initiative