Desert Rose's Innovation Representative of Cape Town

©Desert Rose

The 11th annual Suidoosterfees concluded on February 2nd, after six days of cultural concerts, comedy shows, dance performances and more.

This year, the festival focused on Cape Town’s 2014 World Design Capital title.  
I like different.  I like things that stand out and contradict the norm.  I needed a break from the endless barrage of formulaic pop, country, and electronic music to which I was subjected in the states.  
Change is what I craved.  
Before visiting the Garden Court Theater on Sunday afternoon, I had never heard of Desert Rose.  However, based on the short description included on the Suidoosterfees website, I was hopeful the performance, Sufi African Vibrations, would be unique.
Ask and I shall receive.  
The show infused new with old, white with black, and traditional with obscure, to produce something magical that was unlike anything I’d ever heard.  
The Capetownian Islamic music group is comprised of seven members– ranging in age, gender, and race – who play a multitude of instruments including a keyboard, flute, hand drum, and many exotic instruments.
They danced, they sang, they recited written word.  They captivated.  
Given the festival’s theme, Desert Rose’s participation was fitting.  The group embodies much of the same innovation and diversity that led to Cape Town winning the prestigious WDC award.
Sufi African Vibrations was the only Suidoosterfees event I had the pleasure of attending, but if its intrigue and distinction was any indication of the other happenings, I am sad to have missed out.