Century City Art Trail

Most of the exhibits are outdoors and range from the Impromptu Pavilion in Century City Square celebrating South Africa’s diversity.

Century City launched an Arts Trail, initially comprising 24 exhibits, in and around the 250 hectare precinct. Now comprising 25 artworks, the Century City Art Trail is featured on the 2019 Arts + Crafts Map.

Most of the exhibits are outdoors and range from the Impromptu Pavilion in Century City Square celebrating South Africa’s diversity and its 11 official languages to sculptures by Right Mukore to the Station Walkway and its graffiti artwork welcoming pedestrians from the Century City Station.

There are also a number of scientific and technological exhibits. Some of these exhibits have been commissioned by various corporate citizens of Century City and executed by community-based and other artists

The only inside works of art at this stage are four exhibits including

  • two sculptures in Canal Walk and the
  • Century City Conference Centre Art Collection,
  • an exciting array of Afro-centric art pieces from sculptures to photographic works and
  • vibrant oil paintings which are united around a loose theme of people and communication.

The Art Route consists of a number of mosaic and sculptural pieces including Ibis Rising, a mural mosaic on the walls of The Island Club; Family Reunion, a poignant wooden piece carved from a tree trunk; and Feather Lane, a series of circular mosaic meditations set in the paving of a lane leading down to Intaka Island. Other works include Steel and Shadow and Painted Tiles.

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The Century City Arts Trail is being spearheaded by the Century City Arts Foundation, an independent, Public Benefit Organisation (PBO non-profit company), formed by Rabie Property Group and the Century City Property Owners’ Association (CCPOA), the non-profit company responsible for the day to day operations of Century City which represents all stakeholders in the burgeoning Century City precinct.

The art trail is open to the public free of charge.

“We also believe Art is an essential component of any city as it helps provide a soul to the bricks and mortar, and in recent years we have worked closely with the CCPOA to form the Century City Arts Foundation to promote both performance and visual arts within Century City” - John Chapman, a director of both Rabie and the CCPOA and chairman of the Century City Arts Foundation

Interested in doing the Art Trail yourself? Download the brochure here or alternatively pick one up at your nearest hotel, restaurant or at Intaka Island. Here's a copy to help show you the way.  And do also pick up a copy of the 2019 Arts + Crafts Map along the Trail

WHERE: Century City, Cape Town 7446

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