WDC 2014 news

Better Living Finalist: Rotenda Nevhutalo

Rotenda Nevhutalo

Smart brickmaking kit lays foundation for decent low-income housing.



Young design talent rolls out a 100% recyclable housing solution to address two of South Africa’s most serious problems: unemployment and housing.

Cape Town: Designs on being First Digital City in Africa

Exec Mayor, Ald Patricia de Lille

In the next sitting of full Council on 25 September, the Open Data Policy and Portal will be considered.

This initiative is part of the World Design Capital and sees how Cape Town can use design to make the City and government more transparent. The following is a statement by the Executive Mayor, Alderman Patricia de Lille.

Lentegeur Spring festival, 24 September 2014

Lentegeur - #WDC331

The Lentegeur Spring Project will re-establish the hospital as a “Green” hospital.

This Spring Day join the community at Lentegeur Psychiatric Hospital as they break down stereotypes and showcase the work they do with the community: 

Fifth 'Creative Week' in Cape Town

Kirsten Wilkins - public art walkabout

It's Creative Week and Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana  continues her creative narrative of our city.

This past Saturday was one of the most delightful, inspiring days I have spent in the Mother City in a while. One of those beautiful spring days with clear blue skies, and a contagious feeling of lightness and optimism in the city.

Designing for Survival

Richard Perez

Richard Perez: how design in the city is being utilised so that ordinary people’s lives can be improved.

Richard Perez, the man in charge of the City of Cape Town’s programme for World Design Capital 2014 speaks to Murray La Vita about how design in the city is being utilised so that ordinary people’s lives can be improved.

Imari Crous and the Counting Chair

Counting Chair

Finalist Imari Crous goes back to school to find inspiration for her counting chair.

Mathematics and ingenuity add up as local farm girl Imari Crous gets back into the classroom to improve farm workers’ lives

Better Living: Pocketful of Sunshine

Solar solutions

Sunlight is possibly the most plentiful resource available to us in the southern hemisphere – and it’s free!

These Exhibitors show us some of the ways in which solar power can be harnessed and used in the home:

Mark Blumenthal’s Solar Bottle is a low-cost, modified water cooler bottle with a black painted tin can which acts as a passive solar heater.

Better Living Exhibitors: Anticipating Tomorrow

Nicky van den Aardweg’s My Tova

Student entries that have been selected as exhibitors in the Better Living Showcase.

The youth of today are our tomorrow. The Better Living Challenge is excited to present these student entries that have been selected as Exhibitors.

About Better Living Finalist: Richard Lomax

LEDzShine Option 2

LEDzShine - lighting the way towards proper illumination for poorer communities.

Using solar energy and LED lights, the LEDzShine lighting solution provides an accessible, affordable and sustainable alternative to conventional lighting systems while helping to create jobs, generate revenue and raise people’s quality of life.

23 Better Living Finalists: Meet Lawden Holmes

Embracing Informality - Lawden Holmes

With an immense backlog in the supply of  RDP housing, students like Lawden Holmes have applied their minds and set to work on proposing solutions.

Less is more. A classic phrase that is so often overlooked or ignored by so many. Cue Cape Town-based architectural student, Lawden Holmes.