WDC 2014 news

City Celebrates Suidoosterfees

The 11th Suidoosterfees, which take place from Tuesday, 28 January 2014 until Sunday, 2 February 2014, offers a feast of music, culture, drama, comedy, song and dance.

Among the proramme of productions, the six-day festival will also showcase three that will focus on Cape Town's World Design Capital 2014 title.

Recycling the Non-Recyclable - Innovative “eco-construction” Technique

©The EcoBrick Exchange

The EcoBrick Exchange, a nonprofit organization focused on recycling and education, is partnering with the World Design Capital.

The community uplift project has developed a way to construct buildings by using donated plastic bottles as bricks.

Better Living Challenge

With applications opening at the end of January 2014, this is an update on how the 110% Green's Better Living Challenge has taken shape.

The objective of the 110% Green’s Better Living Challenge is to improve living conditions, especially in low-income households, by facilitating the concept-to-market value chain for home improvement products and services.

The Challenge

The Better Living Challenge will go beyond focusing on product and service design to include promotion, e

Da Vinci Exhibition Enhanced by Setting

In association with World Design Capital, Da Vinci: The Genius, inspired by the artist’s inventive design ideas, is at the V&A Waterfront until February 9.   

Douglas here – back for my second blog posting on the beautifully showcased gallery that is mostly composed of detailed mini creations designed, but never constructed, by the famous Renaissance artist.  The work is displayed at the Chavonnes Battery Museum, and it’s magnificent.  The Da Vinci exhibition is great, too.

Design: Rebuilding South Africa’s Cities

District Six - David Harrison (M&G)

Live design – transform life in action in Cape Town.

City planners are using smart design, creative technology and community feedback in their attempts to reformulate the apartheid city, observes Sean O’Toole in his in-depth look at South African cities.

City of Cape Town Photographer, Bruce Sutherland, Grabs the Moment

Bruce Sutherland l City of Cape Town

Bruce Sutherland captures World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 launch in photos.

City of Cape Town photographer, Bruce Sutherland, captured the excitement of the New Year's Eve launch of World Design Capital 2014.  A huge crowd, estimated to be as many as 80 000 to 100 000 came to party in the city centre.

The Guardian rates Cape Town Holiday Hotspot 1

Truth HQ coffee shop

An acknowledgemnt of the city's World Design Capital status.

The Guardian, in a report titled Holiday hotspots: where to go in 2014, rates Cape Town in number 1 position, acknowledging its status as World Design Capital 2014.

World Design Capital 2014 Launch

WDC 2014 Launch includes tribute to Nelson Mandela

"Our city will be the centre of design, creativity and innovation for the globe", announced Cape Town Mayor, Ald Patricia de Lille.

For me, the central thesis of the City of Cape Town’s approach to the World Design Capital 2014 is: Excellence in design is using what you have to realise what you want.

New Year's Eve and World Design Capital Cape Town Launch

City Hall, Cape Town

A forestaste of what you can expect at the FREE party at the Grand Parade, Cape Town.

With a  crowd of 80 000 spectators and event innovations including a triangular stage, innovative 3D mapping techniques and a line-up of SA’s top DJs and dance artists,  here are some pointers to ensure you experience a comfortable and memorable event.

Storytelling is Another Side of What the WDC is About

Rory Williams @carbonsmart

Let people tell their stories as fodder for the designers, suggests Rory Williams.

There is a placebo effect in public places.

Imagine a neglected public park that is full of rubbish, seen as dangerous and avoided by everyone. And consider another one that is full of children and watchful parents. I can think of examples of both kinds that have the same basic design, located in similar neighbourhoods, so what’s the difference?