WDC 2014 news

Infecting the City - a Healthy Interaction

Infecting the City

Lucinda Jolly previews the 7th anniversary of Infecting The City.

The Africa Centre celebrates the 7th anniversary of Infecting The City, the only dedicated Public Arts Festival in South Africa. This 5 day festival show cases over 50 works.

Follow up: Green Aspects of SA Contemporary Museum

Cross section MOCAA ©Douglas Calvin Hinkel

As promised, here is the “green” follow-up to the previous blog post about the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art, openng in 2016.  

A special thanks to Jaco Kemp for sending me the following information about the building's green by design philosophy and features.
No one involved in the build environment can ignore the pressing issues of design for living within the natural capacity of the planet.

Stark-Condé Excels in Design, Green Production

©Douglas Calvin Hinkel

Make note:  Next winery to visit – Stark-Condé.

Housing superb wines (including a Cabernet Sauvignon that was named the best red in the Southern Hemisphere), exercising green practices, and featuring a beautiful setting situated between the towering Stellenbosch mountains, Stark-Condé offers visitors an unforgettable experience.
While the delicious

MyCiTi - Transport to Transform Lives

Dunoon station - Bruce Sutherland l CoCT

MyCiTi service connects the Dunoon community with Table View and the city centre.

The new MyCiTi route connecting Dunoon means that the community can now hop on and hop off a MyCiTi bus close to home.  The new route connects with the existing route to the Table View MyCiTi station and the Civic Centre station.

Contemporary African Art Museum Epitomizes WDC Practices

Thomas Heatherwick - Architect

Meeting the architect of the new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA)

The event, entitled, Reimagining History, unveiled the architectural plans to convert the historic Grain Silo Complex into an art museum.  To ensure maximum preservation of the celebrated building, archaeologists and other historians were employed.   

Budapest Hotel Inspires at Design Indaba Film Festival

The Design Indaba Film Festival closeed Sunday night with the S A premiere of Wes Anderson’s latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Watch five minutes of any Anderson film and his style will be easily recognizable.  
Few filmmakers have such confidence and devotion to an instantaneously noticeable style.

Cape Town Fires Up Its Design Engine

Trevyn and Julian McGowan, founders of Southern Guild

Global rock stars of design are 
showing their work as part of the WDC 2014 programme, reports Hilary Prendini Toffoli.

The furniture created by bewhiskered Spaniard Nacho Carbonell is so radical that a chair can sometimes look more like a bush. His designs incorporate anything from gravel and ground corn to thorns, broken glass or a stretchy outer layer he calls skin. They're highly experimental and provocative. No wonder Brad Pitt bought himself an entire Nacho Carbonell collection.

South Africans' Light Bulb Moments

Michael Suttner and the Lightie

Meet six innovative and eco-friendly designs that promise to aid rural communities, reports Hilary Prendini Toffoli from the Design Indaba.

The Lightie

For 27-year-old Michael Suttner, inventor of the Lightie, the light bulb moment came on his way to gym. For three years he had been working on prototypes for a low-cost solar light that was small, lightweight, durable, bright and long-lasting.

Dedicate Time to Design Indaba

The Design Indaba opens its doors to the public today at the Cape Town International Convention Center.

I had the fortune of landing a media pass allowing me to visit the exhibition one day early.  Let’s discuss my favorite highlights.  
The ABSA stand asked me to look at five different prototypes and then vote for my top choice.  The winner would receive funding.  I like sharing my opinion and feeling important, so I was game.

Art from the Waterfront to Langa

TAG - Township Art Galleries

The LANGA TAG runs between the Cape Town Art Fair & Maboneng Township Art Galleries.

Visit the Cape Town Art Fair – 28 February – 2 March at The Pavilion, Dock Road, V&A Waterfront – and you can board a shuttle to Langa and tour the Township Art Galleries (TAG) as well as all the art on show at the Fair.

The LANGA TAG takes you through the streets of Langa to 10 home galleries.