Cape Town Green Map Included in New York Public Library Archive

The print editions of the Cape Town Green Map have been included in the GreenMap archive of the New York Public Library's map archive.

Wendy Brawer, founding member of GreenMap System in New York had this to say after the launch event,

"We had a very nice crowd of participants and Matt Knutzen, the head digital librarian, set the context by introducing the oldest maps of NYC after inviting us all inside the non-public areas of the NYPL's Map Room. It was so exciting to think about all of your maps influencing people 400 years into the future in those hallowed halls! 

The library moves at its own pace and right now, our collection is still being processed. Every one of the 489 Green Maps will be stored flat in its own archival folder. We also provided 300 of your outreach and education materials in all formats and each of these will be properly stored for the long term as well.

Once this is done, we will discuss a shared digital archive. Lots of progress in this area has been made lately and the NYPL is soon to release 18,000 of their historical maps online in high-resolution open license formats!"

The Green Map collection will always be growing with your new editions. It's always going to be open to the public, right in the middle of Manhattan and we hope someday you will get to visit - in the meantime, view and comment on the album I annotated and if you are interested in seeing more, view photographer Peter Shapiro's complete album."

Thank you to Wendy and her team for this exciting initiave to preserve our community of Green Maps from around the world!