Cape Town City Heritage Route.

Fagmee Jacob leads the Heritage Walk

Aachen and Cape Town are celebrating a 20 year inter-city partnership and Fagmee Jacobs took the Aachen visitors on a walk that reflects the Mother City's diverse heritage.

Fagmee Jacobs runs the Heritage Outreach and Education Projects in the City of Cape Town's Heritage Department. The Cape Town City Heritage Route will take you on a fascinating walk through the city.  Start at the Grand Parade and end at the Prestwitch Memorial.

The Aachen – Cape Town Partnership has a longstanding legacy that has been fostered over 16 years. What began as civil society collaboration has now become a formal Partnership Agreement between the City of Cape Town and the City of Aachen, West Germany.

Since the outset, the partnership has been based on the principles of Agenda 21 and the Millennium Development Goals. The partnership seeks to strengthen the North-South relationship and promote action towards ecological, social and economic sustainability in different spheres.

Throughout the years, the partnership has been supporting various practical projects that embody aspects of sustainability on a local level. The partnership takes the form of multiple exchanges, collaborative projects and mutual learning. This year, six Aachen delegates from diverse backgrounds (including economic development, spatial planning, traffic planning, safety and security, and e-mobility) came to Cape Town to engage in a week-long programme with the City of Cape Town and other organizations.

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