Better Living Challenge

With applications opening at the end of January 2014, this is an update on how the 110% Green's Better Living Challenge has taken shape.

The objective of the 110% Green’s Better Living Challenge is to improve living conditions, especially in low-income households, by facilitating the concept-to-market value chain for home improvement products and services.

The Challenge

The Better Living Challenge will go beyond focusing on product and service design to include promotion, education, user testing and financial packages. This is to ensure that the products and services coming out of the Challenge have take-up within communities.
Companies, individuals and students will be invited to enter existing products to prototypes. Products will also be co-designed with residents through a series of co-design workshops. There are four entry categories:
  • Structural Home: innovative materials and products used in the construction of sustainable homes and components and systems for self-built homes;
  • Expandable Home: systems that add bulk to an existing footprint in an affordable way and systems that allow for incremental construction;
  • Comfortable Home: products used to create enjoyable internal environments, affordable furniture ranges and modular space saving ranges;
  • Connected Home: products and services that connect a home to its services, immediate surroundings and beyond, products and systems that connect home to the natural environment and localised food production and resource saving systems like waste water and rain harvesting systems.
For more information contact Gillian Benjamin 021 461 1488
Image Courtesy of Tsai Design Studio