Abalimi Bhezekhaya grows from strength to strength

Dear Friends, herewith our annual newsletter celebrating our 37th year in the field, showing how Abalimi continues to pass the flame to the next generation!

We hope you might feel inspired to contribute to the re-evolution of the Family Farming movement in South Africa! Family Farming has the potential to eliminate food insecurity and create innumerable, sustainable micro-farming enterprises, capable of employing millions.

Come and see, donate or spread the word! Every little and large thing you do helps. Just R10.00 per month can ensure that one home garden survives and thrives. R100 per month creates one micro-farming enterprise.

If you are in Cape Town, come and see Abalimi & Harvest of Hope, our national Lighthouse model, in action.

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This year has been a tough one due to the terrible drought which knocked production at many of our home and community gardens – particularly those ones who rely on municipal water.

On the bright side, this has just made us stronger and more resilient than before. Our field team and most of our farmers have not been discouraged, in fact the opposite! This newsletter carries the theme pruning and regrowth, focussing on our subsistence gardens, which are the bedrock or our 3000 strong movement.

Alongside this, our competent management team has taken over the reins after Ma Christina Kaba, our former CEO, decided to retire to focus on her own micro farm. Both Ma Kaba and Ma Nancy, our Chairperson, remain on the governing board to give advice and support, with Sibongile Setyebi joining as a farmer representative.

These stories focus on women and youth who, against all odds, are forging ahead with their gardens. They give some insight into what Abalimi has been doing in the last year.

We hope you enjoy!

Best regards Abalimi Editorial Team

read the Abalimi Bhezekaya newsletter here