67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day is on a SECRET MISSION

Each scarf will have the 67 Blankets trademark satin label sewn on

"KnitWits for Madiba" have a few more days to flex nimble fingers and keep their needles going because “good wool” is heading to all corners of SA for a 67 Blankets knitathon of note.

South Africa’s KnitWits are churning out numerous scarves for the 67 Blankets Secret Scarves Shhh...!! Mission or popularly known as SSS.
The nationwide wool mission will culminate on the 13th July at 3pm, with thousands of scarves being tied to trees for people in need to take at various spots across the country.
Says Carolyn Steyn, Founder of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day “Our 67 Blankets’ ambassadors throughout South Africa have each been receiving enough wool to knit around 160 scarves. So KnitWits must please get in touch with their local ambassadors for their wool and get knitting because it’s a race to the very last stitch.”
And it’s all been made possible thanks to Blue Label Yarns. “The wool company has once again come to our aid and is providing our 67 Blanket KnitWits with massive amounts of beautiful, bright, colourful, thick wool,” says Steyn.
As Madiba once said, “It is in your hands now. I thank you.” And so, it now falls in the hands of the 67 Blanket KnitWits to create and churn out as many scarves as they can possibly manage for the Secret Scarves Shhh...!! Mission.
KnitWits should take photos of their crazy knitting skills by posting their finished scarves on the 67 Blankets Facebook page. They deserve some recognition for their splendid creations.
Each scarf will have the special 67 Blankets trademark satin label sewn onto it and a special message attached which reads "I AM NOT LOST. IF YOU ARE COLD AND NEED ME, PLEASE TAKE ME. LOVE, 67 BLANKETS FOR NELSON MANDELA DAY".
As always, the very generous Rocco Olivier and Margarida Fernandes of Stuttaford Van Lines are continuing their “goodwool” by transporting the vibrant Blue Label yarns across the country as part of their partnership with 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day.
WHERE & WHEN - Areas where the scarves will be tied to trees are as below:
Cape Town
Event 1: 13 July 2017 @15:00
Location: Vrygrond, Where Rainbows Meet, 18 Disa Rd, Vrygrond, Cape Town
Event 2: 13 July 2017@ 15:00
Location: Sea Point Pavilion Swimming Pool
Knit well and knit with your hearts for the Secret Scarves Shhh... !! Mission.
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