3rd wind farm for SA

First there was the Darling wind farm, then the Koekenaap facility - the 100-megawatt wind farm on the West Coast near the town of the same name, set to begin construction later this year, despite hiccoughs. And now a third wind farm has been earmarked for St Helena Bay.

With a budget of R850-million the planned St Helena Bay Wind Farm will be a large-scale renewable energy plant, with the capacity to produce at least 50 MW of power (roughly half the Koekenaap facility) - or up to 2% of the entire Western Cape province's 3 500 MW summer requirements.


Energy generated by the wind farm will be fed into the national grid. There is a positive element to this particular wind farm too. The land earmarked for the wind farm at St Helena Bay is owned by the poor fishing community of Seeland. A group of over 200 emerging farmers from this community have joined to form a Trust, which is 25% owner in the wind farm project.


Other players include the Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, the Saldanha Municipality, Oxfam UK and Genesis Eco-Energy (a Cape based energy company).


source: sagoodnews